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Virtual kid Preschool Simulator (by Game Volla Productions) Android Gameplay [HD]

05 Apr 2021

With Virtual kid Preschool Simulator Game enjoy your preschool life once again in this Virtual Kid Preschool Simulator. 3D preschool Simulator will help you to find out what is going on in your Grade one Child life along with the most amazing and most realistic daily routines of a preschool kid.

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In Virtual kid Preschool Simulator Gameplay you play as Sam. Sam is First grader Kid. You will be playing the game and experiencing the Sam’s life as a Preschool Kid. The game will let you know how and what matters in a Kid’s Life. How preschool effects Sam’s life. Virtual kid school game is specially designed for all preschool game lovers and lovely kids’ activities games fans.

Virtual kid Preschool Simulator Game Play:
Virtual kid Preschool Simulator is amazing game with interesting gameplay where you play as preschool virtual kid and enjoy your school life again. Sam is first Grader kid and you will be playing as him. Game play of this game is the daily routine of Sam. He will be doing all the stuff a Preschool Kid do every day. You need to wake up and go to the washroom and get him ready for the new day at Preschool. Have breakfast in the Kitchen Dinning and then wait for the school bus.

Once you ride the School bus you will need to drop off at the school and go to your class. Your books will be in the next class as you have hidden them there to avoid studying at home. You will need to get the books. Then comes the break where all the school is present to see the Race event of the day. You will be competing with your class fellows on the racing track. You need to win the race otherwise the Game is Over in Virtual kid Preschool Simulator.

Make sure you run fast. During the break one of your class fellow has stolen your book. Find him and get your book back from him. He will not let you have it with ease you will hit him if needed and get your book back. You have a test tomorrow you need to study from that book. You need to do this in the given time otherwise he will get away with your book. In the next Level you will be bunking the class. You will need to hide from the teachers. If they find you not in the class they will be calling your parents and that will cast you a lot in Virtual kid Preschool Simulator.

You will need to reach the bus and also need to hide from the teachers while reaching the bus. Once you reach the bus you will be home safely. After reaching the home have lunch and then you need to do your homework. Sleep well in the night as you have a test tomorrow. Next day you will be in the class and will be performing in the test. You will need to pass this test to complete the mission. You need to answer all the question in time. Virtual kid Preschool Simulator is the game of the new generation Virtual games that will let you live your childhood once again.

Virtual kid Preschool Simulator Game Features:
- Most Amazing Animations and Animated Controlled Players.
- Most Realistic Animated Scenes.
- Amazing Game Play.
- Virtual Kid Life in Preschool.
- Beautiful 3D Environment of Preschool, Home and City.

Every old person in this world would love to go back in time where he/she was in the Preschool and was enjoying the best time of his/her life. Virtual kid Preschool Simulator will help you go back in time and memorize your own Preschool time. Virtual Kid Preschool Simulator is a little kid early school life based game that attracts everyone to go back to the early life experience and remember all the things that you done in this period of time in his life.

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