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TSA Kids Animation

27 Mar 2021

SFX: Airplane
SON: Hey Dad, why do we have to stop here? I just wanna get on the plane...
DAD: Well, we have to stop-screen-go (Stop = Beep. Screen = Boooooooop. Go = Ding!) before we get on the plane. This is a security checkpoint and those people work for TSA.
SON: Oh...it looks kinda scary. I don't think Molly will like it..
DAD: Nah, it's not scary. TSA officers are here to keep us secure. So don't worry, just remember stop-screen-go.
SON: Stop-screen-go? What does that mean?
DAD: Just watch... first, we stop here and hand our travel documents to the officer. She screens it...
TSA Officer: Thank you.
DAD: ...and then we go.
SON: Wow, that was easy. What's next?
DAD: We stop!
MOLLY: (laughing)
DAD: Then we put our stuff in the bins and the machine screens it. Then we go.
SON: Do I need to take off my shoes, too?
DAD: Nope. Kids under 12 don't have to. But
your game system and Molly's bear need to take a ride.
MOLLY: Bye-bye, bear! Bye-bye!
SON: Do we get our toys back?
DAD: Yep. You just need to walk through that rectangle first. It's a metal detector.
SON: Do we have to stop-screen-go here, too?
DAD: Yep, you got it!
SON: Stop.
SON: Screeeeeeennnnnnn and...
SON: ...GO! (makes jet sound)
SON: But wait...(makes brake sound). Mom, what's he doing with Molly's bottle?
MOM: Oh, it's stop-screen-go for baby bottles, too. But don't worry, she'll get her milk back....
TSA Officer: Here you go...
SON: Are we all done?
DAD: Yep!
SON: That wasn't scary. It's just stop-screen-go!
DAD: Yeah... that's what it takes to get ready for takeoff.
MOM: Thank you TSA!
TSA Officer: You're welcome. Have a great trip!
MOLLY: Bye-bye!
SFX: Airplane flying

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