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Try Not to LAUGH | Funniest Baby Fails Compilation ??? FailArmy

05 Apr 2021

These funny babies are cute, but after this fail compilation you may not want one anymore. Which funny baby is your favorite? Leave it in the comments. And ALWAYS submit your funny fail videos to FailArmy.com!

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Original Links:
Kid Throws Flour on Mom https://goo.gl/t3o2Yn
Toy Piano Falls on Babies https://goo.gl/MBCFUs
Kid Gets Sucker Stuck in Hair https://goo.gl/7rZ1rW
Ping Pong Player Throws Paddle at Opponent https://goo.gl/x8yzsL
Toddler Wants Bacon https://goo.gl/cj1T28
Toddlers Paint With Rash Cream https://goo.gl/r9rEjI
Teen Drops Water Balloon on Little Brother https://goo.gl/GEWBsf
Kid Freaks Out When Mom Takes Away Video Game https://goo.gl/VQNV6j
Little Boy Plays with Peanut Butter https://goo.gl/B7m7nW
Little Girl Freaks out after Crashing on Sled https://goo.gl/qRVk6M
Baby Makes Weird Noises https://goo.gl/JDaxl9
Little Kid Flushes Tablet into Toilet https://goo.gl/Jm3USX
Kid Makes a Mess With Powder https://goo.gl/cKKg6d
Little Boy Throws Frisbee and Breaks Glass https://goo.gl/lURWnh
Kids Get Stuck in Claw Machine https://goo.gl/5jnkda
Little Boy Punches Brother for Pancakes https://goo.gl/HTRO32
Son Throws Tantrum over Tupperware https://goo.gl/T2l1mx
Baby Vomits Everywhere While Watching Lions https://goo.gl/jBrqNe
Girl Uses Puddling as Paint https://goo.gl/0fKUlY
Mom's Easter Egg Prank Backfires https://goo.gl/jRbSgx
Little Girl Scared of Heights https://goo.gl/AyAHon
Toddler Makes Mess With Powder https://goo.gl/ddiluv
Toddler Doesn't Know How to Feel About Timeouts https://goo.gl/RuqGWz
Baby Caught Playing With Lotion https://goo.gl/AGqDWE
Kid Cries after Falling off Skateboard https://goo.gl/5rbbH7
Kid Covers Self in Lotion https://goo.gl/DhE7yB
Little Girl Smothers Peanut Butter All over Face https://goo.gl/YMVjLi

Funny Babies Fails: It's Not Their Fault || FailArmy

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