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The Boo Boo Song - ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

05 Apr 2021

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Little babies always want to play and sometimes an obstacle can get in their way. A fall can cause a boo-boo and give them quite a fright but Mommies are always there to fix the boo-boo’s and make them all alright. Mothers are always superheroes!

The Boo Boo Song Lyrics:

My dear mommy when I was running out
A tiny little bumble bee flew right by my mouth
I got scared and fell right in the dirt
Now I’ve got a Boo-boo and it really hurts

Oh! my dear baby let me look at you
Mommy knows how to deal with Your Boo-boo
A Bandage on the Boo-boo will make it all right
Now you can go and play again until it is night

My dear mommy I was jumping there
Suddenly a little train came out of nowhere
I hopped on the train and landed on my toe
Now I got a Boo-boo can you make it go?

Dear little baby let me look at you
Mommy knows how to deal with Your Boo-boo
A bandage on the Boo-boo will make it all right
Now you can jump again to the left and to the right

Ah! Dear mommy when I was playing ball
It hit me in the back after bouncing on the wall
I fell down hard and scratched my hand, I’m not quite sure how
Please save me from this painful Boo-boo now

Baby don’t you cry, let me look at you
Mommy knows how to heal the Boo-boo
We’ll wash and add some cream to make the Boo-boo all right
Now my baby can play, You’re all right

Lovely little babies want to play and play
Sometimes an obstactle gets in their way
A fall can cause a boo-boo and give them quite a fright
But then mommies fix the boo-boo’s and make it all alright

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