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The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys! Cute & Easy Pets for Kids | Fun Kids Activity Review

29 Jun 2021

In this opening and unboxing review, Hailey starts a Sea-Monkey family with the Instantly Live - Amazing Live Sea-Monkey aquarium. No surprise eggs or toys in this video but it was a super fun kids ivity to do with Hailey. The worlds only instant pet come inside the ocean-zoo aquarium. It teaches children responsibility and how to care for a pet. Perfect for young kids and even older children. They get to watch their Sea-Monkeys hatch and grow into a cute family of Sea-Monkeys. Best of all for parents, there is very little maintenance or mess to worry about.
<br>To get the Sea-Monkeys to hatch easier, make sure the small aquarium has sunlight. You can also start them off by adding warm water for quicker results. I set ours outside since our windows dont get too much sunlight or heat. After they hatched, I set them up inside near a window for Hailey to see and be able to feed.
<br>I found this at Walmart near the toy aisles for $5.00.

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