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Spring Songs for Children - Spring is Here with Lyrics - Kids Songs by The Learning Station

05 Apr 2021

Popular children's dance song about spring, "Spring is Here" with lyrics. From the CD, "Seasonal Songs in Motion" Seasonal Songs in Motion CD Download: http://store.learningstationmu....sic.com/seasonalsong
Seasonal Songs in Motion CD: http://store.learningstationmu....sic.com/seasonalsong

Starring, Sabrina Abu-Obeid from TeraBrite: http://www.youtube.com/user/Te....raBrite?feature=watc

"Spring is Here" is a fun activity song where children sing, dance and play along as they explore the signs of spring. Music combined with movement makes learning about the season's fun for kids. Also perfect for English as a second language (ESL) children's learning programs.

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Spring is Here From the CD, Seasonal Songs in Motion By The Learning Station ©Monopoli/The Learning Station
Spring is here.
Spring is here.
How do you think I know?
I just saw a bluebird.
That is how I know.
Spring is here.
Spring is here.
How do you think we know?
We just saw a bluebird that is how we know.
Do the bird walk and strut your thing.
Do the bird walk and flap your wings.
Do the bird walk do anything and look around for another sign of spring.

Sing verses changing underlined words to bee, ladybug, butterfly, frog (use jump instead of walk).


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