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Sports for Kids - Learn Different Types of Sports Vocabulary for Children in English

19 Mar 2021

Our educational video for kids to learn different types of sports. Kiddopedia team brings videos of sports for kids so that they can learn sports vocabulary in English. Subscribe to Kiddopedia channel for more educational videos for children → https://goo.gl/O1jdcO

Learning about sports is an important part of the vocabulary development of children at kindergarten or preschool. There are all types of sports that children can learn about, for example, football, basketball, tennis, golf, volleyball, wrestling, equestrian, or gymnastics. In this video, you will learn the names of sports from Olympic sports to popular ball sports. We have combined HD videos of 48 different types of sports with their names in English vocabulary.

Each clip of a sport in this video is 15 seconds long where you can watch ****s or kids in sports. Your children can see how a sports game is played. The combination of HD videos with good sounds quality makes this video an excellent educational material of different types of sports for children to learn.

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List of all types of sports in this video:
0:09 football/soccer
0:24 basketball
0:39 american football
0:54 tennis
1:09 golf
1:24 baseball
1:39 swimming
1:54 cricket
2:09 volleyball
2:24 bowling
2:39 field hockey
2:54 wrestling
3:09 track and field athletics
3:24 cycling
3:39 boxing
4:54 lacrosse
5:09 rugby
5:24 sailing
5:39 softball
5:54 rowing
6:09 skiing
6:24 badminton
6:39 triathlon
6:54 handball
7:09 table tennis
7:24 surfing
7:39 gymnastics
7:54 archery
8:09 netball
8:24 ice hockey
8:39 fencing
8:54 equestrian
9:09 diving
9:24 squash
9:39 canoeing
9:54 polo
10:09 floorball
10:24 curling
10:39 beach volleyball
10:54 taekwondo
11:09 water polo
11:24 biathlon
11:39 water skiing
11:54 tug of war
12:09 synchronised swimming
12:24 bobsleigh
12:39 sumo wrestling
12:54 skeleton

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