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Rich vs Poor - Wolfoo Wants a New Gold Bed $1000 | Wolfoo Channel Kids Cartoon

05 Apr 2021

Rich vs Poor - Wolfoo Wants a New Gold Bed $1000 | Wolfoo Channel Kids Cartoon
Wolfoo likes Bufo's gold bed very much. He wants a new bed like that. But it's too expensive, up to $ 1000. But Wolfoo only has $ 1. Daddy helps Wolfoo build a new lego bed and massages Wolfoo on that new bed to help Wolfoo understand that family is the most important thing.
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The episodes in video:
00:00 Wolfoo Wants a New Gold Bed $1000
03:27 Wolfoo, Do You Want to Be a Rich Kid?
06:51 Rich vs Poor Students
09:55 Wolfoo, Do You Like to Take a Hot or Cold Bath?
12:38 Oh No, Lucy Wants to Be Taller Than Wolfoo
16:04 Wolfoo, Dirty Swimming Pool
19:00 The Tallest Cup Wall Is Lucy's
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Producer - Ly Tran
Director - Ninh Bui
Scriptwriter - Bich Nguyen
Artist - Tan Pham, Ngan Mai, Linh Pham
Animator - Linh Pham, Thuong Nguyen, Hieu Dinh, Hop Nguyen, Tuan Nguyen, Ngoc Nguyen, Nhung Nguyen
Compositor - Linh Nguyen, Nana, Son Nguyen

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