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Rakshakudu Telugu Full Movie | Latest Full Length Movies | Jayam Ravi, Kangana Ranaut, Lakshmi Rai

05 Apr 2021

Watch & Enjoy Rakshakudu Full Movie With English Subtitles Exclusively on Sri Balaji Video. #Rakshakudu Starring #JayamRavi, #KanganaRanaut, Lakshmi Rai, Jayaram, Nizhalgal Ravi, Srinath, Anu Haasan, Directed By Jeeva, Music Composed by Harris Jayaraj.

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A Russian model finds her way into Gautam Subramanyam's (Jayam Ravi) hotel room and is found murdered beside him on bed. Gautam, a doctor visits Russia for two weeks for a conference and he is clueless as to who the woman is and why he is being implicated in the crime. He is taken to custody and escapes, helped by an Indian lawyer Lakshmi Rai.Amidst the ruthless, unforgiving judicial system the doctor finds out the damning truth behind the drug mafia. Rakshakudu is the dubbed version of Dhaam Dhoom completed by Manikandan when acclaimed cinematographer and director Jeeva died while making it.

The film moves back and forth as the doctor in jail recollects how he met Soumya (Kangna Ranaut) and the developments that lead to their engagement. Two weeks before the wedding the doctor goes on a trip to Russia and is stuck there battling for help. Kangna doesn't quite fit into the village girl's role, she lacks the south Indian features and looks like a midget when paired with the tall hero, the dubbing too didn't gel.

On the other hand Lakshmi Rai could have suited the role to the hilt, nevertheless the actor adds a new dimension to her role. Having seen her in item numbers and as a skimpily-clad heroine in many films, this role gives us a fresh perspective of her. Cinematography is fabulous, it takes the viewers into USSR, their lanes and by lanes, the huge lakes, old buildings and residential areas, matter of factly the part shot abroad looks like a post card.Initially it's engaging but the chase stretches well beyond two hours with the hero's conflict moving from the police to the drug mafia and both of them baying for his blood, it gets tedious. Amidst all this, the director doesn't meander from the point that Soumya has faith that Gautam will return no matter what. In the beginning of the story, Gautam asks Soumya before leaving 'what if I don't return?', that ltself gave away fifty percent of the story to the viewer.Lakshmi Rai has a strange name RP Jagarlamudi and no one knows what RP stands for. Ravi looks uncomfortable in the action scenes but otherwise he is pretty okay. Once you get a hint of who the culprit is, you wouldn't hang on to see the film end. This is inspired by Hollywood thriller Red Corner.

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