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Ore Grihobashi - ওরে গৃহবাসী - Rabindra Sangeet – Bengali Animation – Kids Song

05 Apr 2021

Poem of Rabindranath Tagore ~ Ore Grihabasi Khol Dar Khol
Open your door, the home dweller, everything’s on the swing.
The land, water, the forest floor all swing.
Open, step out of your door.
Loads of crimson blossoms of Ashok and Palash, all in smiles,
Crimson euphoria spread with clouds across the morning sky,
Young leaves catch crimson vibration.
Open, step out of your door.
Southern breeze murmurs across bamboo bushes,
Butterflies dance touching grass heads.
Bees demand offerings from flowers,
Buzz of wings sound like beggars lute,
Air in the Madhabi hedges saturate with aroma.
Open, step out of your door.

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