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Nanda En Nilaa (Full Movie) - Watch Free Full Length Tamil Movie Online

05 Apr 2021

Watch this Superhit Tamil Action Movie "Nanda En Nilaa" starring: Vijayakumar,Sumithra,Jayalakshmi,M.N. Rajam, Kushalakumari, Ramachandran, Rangasami.


Nanda (Sumithra) falls in love with her friend's brother Raj (Vijay Kumar). But she isn't sure if he is in love with her. Yet, keeping this in mind, she rejects all the marriage proposals that come to her, so much so that her father dies out of depression. Her father's demise reduces their family to poverty and Nanda goes to Madras seeking a job. A surprise awaits her as she sees her boss. She thinks it is Raj. Before she starts rejoicing that she has found her first love, she discovers that her boss's name is Vasant (Also played by Vijay Kumar) and he is just a look alike of Raj. Meanwhile, Vasant falls in love with Nanda and proposes to her. Nanda rejects it and tries to find out if Raj reciprocates her feelings. She is deeply upset when she finds out that Raj is in love with someone else. Meanwhile, Anuja, a common friend and colleauge tries to convince her to consent to marry Vasant as he has gone into a delirious state, thinking of her. What will Nanda's answer be?

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Movie Title: Nanda En Nilaa
Genre: Action-Cop Story-Entertainer
Starcast: Vijayakumar,Sumithra,Jayalakshmi,M.N. Rajam, Kushalakumari, Ramachandran, Rangasami
Director: A.Jaganathan
Music: MS Viswanathan
Year: 1977

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