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My Experience Being The Most Hated Kid At School

22 Mar 2021

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“Sophie, Sophie, come sit with us”

“Sophie, come over here!”

It was like this every time I walked into the school cafeteria. It wasn’t easy being so popular. Everyone wanted me to sit with them, but I couldn’t be in two places at the same time. I tried to be fair to everyone but of course someone was always disappointed if I didn’t choose them.

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I had always made friends easily, I suppose it was because I was very confident and people always told me I was really fun to be around. Everyone was always laughing whenever I was around. I loved playing pranks, nothing serious, just harmless fun. My friends were always wondering what I would get up to next.

I was also very pretty, I know it’s not really the kind of thing you should say about yourself, but it’s true! All the boys in school thought I was cute and wanted to date me. It sounds like the perfect life but it was actually quite difficult trying to keep everyone happy.

It was going to be our school prom in a few weeks and everyone was looking forward to it. All the girls were excited about picking out the perfect dress and we were all hoping that one of the boys would ask us to be their date for the prom. I wasn’t too worried about it, I felt pretty sure that at least one of the boys would ask me.

“Has anyone asked you to the prom yet Sophie?” Asked my younger sister, Charlotte.

“No, not yet.” I replied. “But there’s plenty of time! I’ve just gotta put my books in my locker and then we can go home.”

Charlotte walked with me to where the Year 12 lockers were. I put the key in but as I turned it the door burst open and 100s of invitation cards came tumbling out onto the floor. The other students around us gasped. I picked up a couple and read them out loud.

“Sophie please be my prom date, Steve.”

“Do you want to go to the prom with me, Mike.”

As I picked up more and more of the cards I realised that every boy in the school had asked me to the prom.

“What am I going to do Charlotte?” I asked her. “I can only go with one boy so which one should I choose?”

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