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19 Mar 2021

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Learn How to Read for Kids
Learning a language is a very easy task for kids. Their brain is hardwired to learn a language, therefore, they do not need to be taught how to speak. But reading does not come naturally. Kida has to learn how to read. Several necessary measures are taken and methodologies are applied. According to the new strategies developed about how to read for kids in 2018, this is what needs to be done.

1. Give the Child Phonemic Awareness
To teach kids how to read, it is important to first introduce them to Phonetics. They need to know that speech is made up of individual sounds. Learning strategies and educational videos with sounds should be used to give the kids phonemic awareness. However, there is a difference between speaking and writing. In order to learn how to read it is important for the kids to recognize the marks that represent the sounds of the language that they learned. These marks are actually the alphabet.

2. Give the Child Alphabetic Awareness
Simply memorizing the alphabet is not enough for reading. In order to develop reading, readiness kids need to learn the letters. It is a complex procedure to tell the kids it identify which sounds go with which alphabet. We have 44 sounds and 26 alphabets. To make this simpler try to use educational videos and games of phonics to help the kids to match the sounds with the letters. Get them phonics letter sets and sound writing boards to make this learning fun.

3. Give the Child Sound to Word Awareness (Blending)
Once they can identify the sounds and matching letters. It is time to teach the kids the blending of sounds to recognize the printed words. For example “Cat” is represented by three letters c –a-t and has three sounds. Teach the kids how these sounds blend together to make the word Cat.

Kids are inherently curious, so once they have the awareness of words the process gets easier. Now is the time to give them interesting books of short stories and read for kids. They will start to follow after you and will eventually develop fluency.
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