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Kids Learn Safety Knowledge Game - Lift Safety For Kids - Fun Educational Games For Kids & Toddl

05 Apr 2021

Lift Safety For Kids By GameiCreate

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Lift Safety For Kids is a good game to teach your little ones about lifts. In this safety game, you can learn how to use the lift properly will ensure fun for everyone. Here we can add tons safety levels for you, In the first level, you can learn If the elevator is full Be patient and wait for the next ride, Wait till everyone gets off the elevator. At the next level, you can learn about lift buttons and many more learning tips. Next level kids will learn what to do when the lift is stuck and also learn how to exit from the elevator. After that, you can learn what to do in case of fire in the elevator. So visit each and every level in this kids learning game and learn tons safety tips in a fun way. Play and enjoy this Kids Safety game and don't forget to share it with your friends and all the family members.

List of safety tips:

- Unshoulder your bag before entering into the elevator
- Stand straight facing the elevator's door
- Press the button of the desired level
- Keep the elevator neat and clean
- Stand peacefully and wait till your desired level
- Stand still till the door is completely open
- Prefer stairs in case of fire

Lift Safety For Kids is pre toddler and early age educational game. The safety game is designed specifically for kids.

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