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29 Jun 2021

Hi, welcome to my YouTube channel I love watching it on my channel will take place gaming for example children, I hope that you will be satisfied so please subscribing, be sure to give thumbs up
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<br>Disney Cars,
<br>Fun and intuitive matching game for your baby or toddler!
<br>Children can enjoy learning numbers with words explained through fun educational games. Learning numbers and their pronunciation is easy and fun and your child will like it too!
<br>3 different educational games in one application:
<br>- Are the numbers right
<br>- Choose the correct number
<br>- Catch all the right values!
<br>The child should start learning what the numbers are, in what order to include and how to write before they start kindergarten. Start exposing child numbers from the moment he jelet so that he will be with them at the time when it reaches the nursery. Integrate into the childs daily activities and to make learning as fun as possible. If parents and preschool teachers focus on teaching numbers, the child should be comfortable recognizing and writing numbers zero to nine at a time when beginning to preschool.
<br>At 2-3 years of age, typically developing children begin to use the code word count as you play, shows that there are beginning to understand and counting. 4 years of age, many children can answer questions such as How much? and Give me ... Questions for numbers up to 10 years. They understand the more or less for small numbers, but they do not yet understand the nature of the serial number system, ie. That any extra number represents the one.
<br>Parents should be encouraged to draw their attention to the child to use numbers in everyday life and integrate them into games that teach counting and quantity. From childhood, children quickly learn addition and subtraction and other math events. Show your children that math is fun!
<br>Developing basic math skills through games makes learning math fun right from the beginning.
<br>Our application uses colorful images that are fun for the child to look at. Discovery learning with the help of the pictures shows numbers as glossy volume numerals that catch the attention of the child. If a child is exposed to what the numbers look like, it will be easier for him to understand the concept of numbers later.

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