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Kid transportation activity CAR RIDE -English Language Games

27 Mar 2021

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DAY 17 - Part 2/4 of the Transportation series is "I'm going on a CAR ride". Form a line with your ESL children lined up behind you, then have them repeat each line after you. You can be so creative and flexible with this song and adapt it to whatever setting you are in! These are the basic lyrics that I taught in the video: I'm going on a train ride
All aboard
chuga chuga choo choo
Turn to the left
Turn to the right
straight ahead Sometimes at the end of song I start running in a circle saying ""faster and faster and faster and CRASH"", then we all fall down to the ground and then I review the vocabulary that we were just practicing and make sure they understand. Some other suggestions of sentences to add to this are: Reverse!! To see the ... Around the ... Under the ... Over the... "

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And join in on the conversation... I would LOVE to know when and how you use these songs/games/activities with your kids and please share your variations and other ideas!

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Are you an ESL teacher looking for some fun English language games to use in your ESL beginners class? I was too a few years ago and I was all on my own so I started creating English teaching materials that would make learning English FUN and exciting

Hi! My name is Karlee Demierre but my kids know me as "Teacher Karlee"! I'm Canadian but for the past 3 years I have been living in the cute tropical beach town of Trujillo, Honduras. In 2012, My husband and I miraculously created an English Language school in 2 weeks ...which I like to refer to it as "The Gongshow" (Read the story on my site: http://www.englishlanguagegame....s.org/english-langua )

I've now been teaching English as a Second Language full time for a year at my school and absolutely love it! I teach 2 year old kids all the way up to ****s, from the very basics to beginner to intermediate.

This all began because I had been teaching an ESL beginners class to kids in Trujillo, Honduras for 2 years. Most ESL children's classes have between 4 to 20 kids... well I threw myself in a classroom of 30 to 40 "untamed" pre-school and kindergarden kids! (just to prove my sanity... I even volunteered!!) With no curriculum, no lesson plans, no previous experience and no guidance, I was on my own diving into this fun adventure called teaching English as a Second Language! The best part was that during this "adventure of mine", I discovered that teaching kids was truly my life's passion!

A few years ago, I started to search online to get some ideas and I soon discovered that there wasn't much available that would keep these kids engaged, encourage them to participate in class and overall really learn English. So I started creating English language games and other English teaching materials that would engage my kids, accelerate their learning and really make learning English FUN for them!

My mission is that these English language games will spark participation and ignite learning in your ESL beginners class. My goal is to give you some English teaching materials that will make it easy for you to teach ESL children and make it FUN for the kids to learn English!

So I'm setting out to share my JOY with the world and I hope these English teaching materials and other ideas I share will help bring more LAUGHTER and PARTICIPATION to your ESL children's class and all the kids you LOVE! ... keep PLAYING and LEARNING!

Teacher Karlee :-)

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