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05 Apr 2021

Animated music video parody of Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous.
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Movie Musicals #77: Camp Cretaceous Season 1 The Musical
Bumpy the dinosaur leads the guests of Camp Cretaceous into a Jurassic song and dance as they try to evade the jaws of Toro the Carnotaurus, the Indominus Rex, and the Mosasaurus. Blue the raptor doesn't want to miss out though and joins along with Darius, Ben, Yasmina, Brooklyn, Sammy, Kenji and Dr Wu.

►Animation, Lyrics, Song & Vocals: Logan H-Clark (https://www.youtube.com/lhugueny)
►Vocals & Co-Producer: Whitney Di Stefano (https://www.youtube.com/thevoicetree)


Verse 1
Gotta beat this game to win a free pass,
To Camp Cretaceous, gotta haul a**.
Gotta be the first to complete the game,
Or I won’t be going, then I’d go insane.
Meet 5 other campers once I arrive,
A self-absorbed vlogger, an athlete with pride.
There’s a germaphobe, a ranch-hand chick,
And a spoiled rich-kid who’s always a d***.

What’s up Brooklanders, welcome to the show,
Today I’m unboxing Jurassic World.
Don’t unsub, I promise to explore,
And to show you all kinds of dinosaurs.
Sneak around the lab, behind the scenes,
Indominus-Rex eating human beings.
Reveal the truth that Sammy is a spy,
Upset the Doc, almost make him cry.

Stomp your feet, stomp your feet,
Stomp your baby dino feet,
If you really wanna party,
Stomp your feet right to the beat.
Stomp your feet, stomp your feet,
Stomp your human monkey feet,
If you love Jurassic World,
Stomp your feet, don’t be discreet.

Stomp my feet, stomp my feet,
Stomp my hungry Carno feet.
Unless you wanna be lunch,
I suggest that you retreat.
Stomp my feet, stomp my feet,
Stomp my angry Carno feet.
I’ll devour those damn kids,
Cause they irritated me.

Stomp my feet, stomp my feet,
Stomp my Indominus feet.
I will hunt the campers down,
Make them be my tasty treats.
Stomp my feet, stomp my feet,
Stomp my Indominus feet.
I will chew the tourists up,
Cause they’re succulent and sweet.

Verse 2
You nosy kids have ruined my day,
Not to mention this baby dino’s not okay.
Its genetic makeup’s full of imperfections,
Just like this pimply child’s facial complexion.
Get the hell out, that’s not a request,
I’ve got more important matters on which to obsess.
I’m not a babysitter, that’s a scientific fact,
There’s the door, never come back!

Barely escape the Mosa, sprain my ankle,
Chased by Toro and his big fat kankles.
Leave Bumpy behind, he’s way too slow,
The train is here and we’ve got to go.

I’ll never leave Bumpy, he’s my best friend,
I would die if I must to save him til the end.
Help him board the train, so we can go home,
Can’t abandon him here all alone.

Excuse me nerds, but it seems we’re doomed,
Unless someone goes and pulls the train brakes soon.
These pteranodons are pesky cause they’re so damn hungry,
Ben bails to distract em, he left behind Bumpy.

Toro tracked us down, now we’re cornered,
Hope the group forgets that I’m an informer.
Spying for Manta, did it for my fam,
Doesn’t matter anymore cause we’re stranded at camp.


Damn humans having fun at my expense,
Break into my home by jumping the fence.
Say your prayers, it’s your final hour,
Cause you’re the main course, we’re ready to devour.
Bacon-tastic piggies, what we usually eat,
But tonight we’re getting a special treat.
Deep fried Kenji is the main dish,
With a side of Darius, it’s my wish.


(c) LHUGUENY 2021

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