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Help Karen People - (A Song by Karen Kids)

05 Apr 2021

Keep believing and show your faith.

This song is to raise the awareness to see the suffering of our Karen People and to help them by giving food and shelters.The composer of this song and music arranger is Eh Ler Tha. Music was played by Boy and Tha Khu as well as Eh Ler Tha. Video was edited by Kho Siab. Eh Wah is an organizer in this production.Vocalists are Movalin, Har Law Eh, La Paw Wah, Blay Doh Paw, Kri Wah, Harmony,Caroline, Laydi, Blute Blute, Paw Paw,Joanna Khu, Rosalina, Eh Tha Yu So.We also would like to thank photographers and give credits to them to help us seeing the situation of our Karen people facing.

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