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For Children. School Is Great! - Learning Song - Debbie Doo!

06 Jun 2021

I wrote this song to help children associate positively to school. Great for children in the last year of kindergarten and childcare. Also great for kids who may be showing early signs of boredom and frustration. Using positive imagery and catchy modern music, "School Is Great" will hopefully get your child feeling happy and excited about such an important stage of their life!

Not all of us have a great time at school. My time was definately very hard. I was bullied because of the way I looked, a tomboy with really bucked teeth, and I had many learning difficulties. School can however be a great time for kids. They make friends, learn about the world around them and expand their minds. It is also a great time for kids to learn how to resolve disputes, stick up for themselves and compromise. I wrote this song because I had such a terrible time at school therefore I really wanted to get my own children started on the right foot. I hope it does the same to yours... DD

Available for download on Debbie Doo "Let's Learn" on iTunes.

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