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Fight Scene from THE KID (1921): One of Chaplin's Funniest!

05 Apr 2021

This scene from "The Kid" (1921), starring Charlie Chaplin (as the Tramp) and Jackie Coogan (as The Kid), is classic slapstick genius! In the scene, a scuffle ensues when a boy steals a toy from The Kid. Then the boy's older brother - a neighborhood bully - shows up and picks a fight with The Tramp. The Tramp ducks, dodges and bonks (with the help of a brick) his way to a hilarious victory in what is widely regarded as one of Charlie Chaplin's finest films and, indeed, one of the best films of all time.

This video, recut from the original film (now in the public domain) is accompanied by new, original music by Scott Watson.

"As of 2019, copyright has expired for all works published in the United States before 1924." The original film was obtained from The Internet Archive (archive.org).

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