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Easter Egg Surprises ? Easter Egg Hunt Colours ? Easter Bunny Song For Kids ? Sue McBride

19 May 2021

Sue McBride For Kids Easter song! "Easter Egg Surprises", a hop, hopping Easter egg hunt colors. Easter Bunny song for kids. Original Easter Songs!
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"Easter Egg Surprises" is an original, hop hopping, Easter song by Sue McBride which was released during Easter 2021 under the Sue McBride For Kids music brand. Due to the huge popularity of her first professional single for kids, "Little Lighthouse", Sue McBride decided to write an original Easter egg surprise, Easter egg hunt song for kids that would also be an educational Easter egg color and action song. After spending some time researching Easter songs and Easter Bunny songs for kids, Sue decided good original, quality Easter songs and video content for kids was badly needed.

The colorful and hop, hopping Easter song and lyric video "Easter Egg Surprises", was made especially for You Tube. Sue noticed egg surprise videos were popular and trending videos at the time she wrote the song. The spectacular egg surprise video, Sue McBride filmed and created to go with the song, features her sidekick Mr. Panda, a funny Easter Bunny sock puppet and footage of Sue McBride and her own beautiful, grand daughter Aria going on her first Easter Egg Hunt.

The fun, captivating, entertaining and educational "Easter Egg Surprises" Easter egg hunt surprises lyric video is loaded with beautiful Easter imagery and colorful, even kaleidoscopic Easter egg and Easter bunny footage. Sue McBride wrote the song to be enjoyed by all ages and sung at any time of year. It can teach children and ESL ****s alike to read and speak some basic Easter and Color words in English.

Make your own homemade shakers to shake along with Sue McBride and friends to the "Easter Surprises" song. It's an engaging, fun and educational music video that is perfect for incorporating into any music curriculum, home school and classroom unit based on an Easter theme or color theme.
Sue McBride is a folksinger/songwriter and master educator, from Nova Scotia who is quickly gaining a following on social media and streaming platforms with her professional recordings for all ages. Her first professional Kindie release "Little Lighthouse" has been played on radio stations worldwide and has had a huge following on You Tube. It received over 95,000 views in a few weeks.

"Easter Egg Surprises" is part of a collection of professionally recorded songs and videos for kids which will be featured on Sue's You Tube Channel and in Sue's debut children's album to be released sometime in 2021-2022, under the Sue McBride Music For Kids brand. Sue McBride's attention to detail and her catchy lyrics and tunes are gaining her attention on radio and social media.

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PS: Sue also writes catchy tunes for the ****s! Check it out!!!!!
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➤Production: https://bit.ly/suemcbridemusic
➤Songwriting/Vocals/Guitar: https://bit.ly/suemcbridemusic
➤Thumbnail: Aaron Klingbeil https://spacefood.ca/epk/
➤Audio Engineering/Synth: Aaron Klingbeil https://spacefood.ca/epk/
➤Video Editing: https://bit.ly/suemcbridemusic

NOTE: special thanks to my beautiful grand daughter Aria for making this beautiful video so special to me! I will cherish it forever, xo.
Easter Egg Surprises
Sue McBride - Copyright April 3, 2021


Easter egg surprises
Made for you and me
The colours of the rainbow
The loveliest I’ve seen
Pink and orange and yellow
Purple, blue and green
Easter egg surprises
Easter Bunny made for me. (Ooh)

A pink egg, a pink egg
Look, I found a pink egg
Easter egg surprises
Easter Bunny made for me. (Ooh)

An orange egg, an orange egg
Look, I found an orange egg
Easter egg surprises
Easter Bunny made for me. (Ooh +Chorus)

A yellow egg, a yellow egg
Look, I found a yellow egg
Easter egg surprises
Easter Bunny made for me. (Ooh)

A purple egg, a purple egg
Look, I found an purple egg
Easter egg surprises
Easter Bunny made for me. (Ooh)

A blue egg, a blue egg
Look, I found a blue egg
Easter egg surprises
Easter Bunny made for me. (Ooh)

A green egg, a green egg
Look, I found a green egg
Easter egg surprises
Easter Bunny made for me. (Ooh + Chorus)

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