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Dangerous drug education! Kids shot by police rifle in Chino California

29 Jun 2021

For students at Newman Elementary school in Chino California, wednesday would have been a good day to skip class to get high. The kids who stuck around were treated to a long boring speech by a cop about the dangers of drugs, then splashed with automatic weapon fire, all because the war on drugs dictates that kids need to get up close and personal with gun wielding cops, but stay the hell away from psychotropic plants that you totally can't OD from. Sigh...<br /><br />These DARE programs have been around since 1983 and they concentrate on trying to redirect kids frustration away from drugs and into more productive hobbies, such as gun shooting and rule following. So its perfectly natural that a cop trying to talk kids out riding the white horse would show up with a totally badass motorcycle and attached AR-15 assault rifle. Because if you're going to wean kids off that chemical high, you need to get them high on the sensation of power derived from fast, lethal machines. <br /><br />Unfortunately for that cop, his presentation was a little bit too convincing, and one pupil ran up and gripped the rifle's trigger. Well, one thing led to another, specifically the hammer led to the primer, and the next thing you know kids are running and ducking for cover and a bunch of new holes were bored into the playground. Two kids were taken to hospital for lacerations resulting from flying debris, which the police department went to great pains to stress were not bullets, but could have been pieces of bullets. An important distinction, perhaps, but still no fun for the kid on the receiving end. Meanwhile, those stoners who missed their anti-drug education have all their fingers and toes intact.

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