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05 Apr 2021

Creative Kids Edu Solutions, powered by Cordova, presents one of India’s leading Learning Apps for LKG to class 10 - Creative Kids Digital Home Tutor (DHT). DHT is a well-graded K12 learning app, based on NCERT syllabus and suggests a unique bi-lingual concept, best suited for today’s learners. Learning is made simple by using both, the mother tongue and simple English to explain concepts with clarity. The use of cutting-edge technology makes it enjoyable and stress-free. When learning is made simple and easy, the learner understands concepts and ideas quickly. When concepts are clear, they can easily apply them in real life and innovate, invent and create new ideas.
- the Digital Home Tutor encourages personlised learning, wherein the learning content and speed is customised to suit students of all abilities.
- The smart assessment provides instant feedback to evaluate progress.
- It helps learners score high grades
- It saves a lot of time for the learner and sets aside the need for home tuitions.
- it is highly affordable
Every student is encouraged to visit www.creativekidssolutions.com or download the Creative Kids Digital Home Tutor from Google Play Store and enjoy stress-free learning.

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