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05 Apr 2021

Kidsy offer simple and happy stories with BabyRiki to babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Children learning has never been easier!The focus is on the feelings and emotions of children, on games and the interactions of the little ones, but most importantly on friendship and the joy it brings.😊SUBSCRIBE to our channel - http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Kidsy
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A funny but educational cartoon adventure with BABY RIKI. New cartoon movies are coming every week! Educational cartoons for kids, full episode cartoons, funny videos for kids and kids shows are gathering on "KIDSY to entertain and to educate children all around the world. Funny cartoons for kids, cartoons for babies to laugh.

💛 The world of BabyRiki is a world of childhood dreams, where imagination meets reality! Every episode is based on a short story inspired by circumstances that preschoolers come across in their lives, combined with cheerful songs and interactive elements. The BabyRiki characters, Rosy, Wally, Krashy, ChiChi, and Pandy, are cute toys that live and have fun in an apartment where a family with toddlers lives. The toys have fun and learn new things with the naivety and joy that are characteristic to children discovering the universe.

🟣 The narrator is the “Mom”, who participates in the characters’ adventures and guides them to make the right decisions, with a lot of kindness and patience, like every mother does with her kids during their first years of life.

Educators and psychologists have been involved in the process of creating the characters, story and set so that it can be easy to follow and understood by even the youngest children.

Os melhores desenhos animados para crianças felizes! ¡Los mejores videos de dibujos animados para niños felices!Les meilleurs dessins animés pour des enfants heureux!I migliori cartoni animati per bambini felici! Младенец Рики, El bebé Riki, O bebé Riki, सबसे लोकप्रिय एपिसोड देखने के लिए

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Watch cartoons and enjoy it!

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