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Cartoon about tanks gerand. Animation about tanks. Tank for children.

05 Apr 2021

1:37 Whether the lazy green tank can survive in this battle in the world of tanks with the most powerful tank, you will find out in the next series about the war of tanks for kids online.
0:09 Cartoons about tanks for kids online introduce us to friends with a rusty tank and a green tank, who decided to organize a competition in the world of tanks.
0:19 In this battle of two tanks for children, a rusty and a green tank decided to destroy another tank, which was hiding in the bushes and did not want to take part in this battle in the animation about tanks and war.
0:30 In the battle of two tanks for the title of the best tank in the world of tanks for children, the green tank decided to blow up another target and earned a lot of points in this war.
0:36 Further in the animation about the battle and the battle of tanks, it turned out that the target was shot down by a rusty tank, which dreams of becoming a winner in the online battle of tanks for children.
0:46 The coolest tanks in the tank war cartoon for kids continue the war for the title of the coolest tank. The green tank shot down another tank in this battle animation and took the lead.
0:51 In a cartoon about tanks and tank battles for kids online, a rusty tank decided to keep up and destroyed another enemy on the battlefield.
1:00 In the battle of tanks for the title of the coolest tank in the world of tanks for children, the green and rusty tank parted so much that they wounded all the tanks that they met on the battlefield.
1:12 The green tank won the battle between the tanks in this cartoon about tanks, but the rusty tank didn't like it.
1:24 Online cartoon about tanks for kids teaches that you can't play against the rules. The rusty tank did a bad thing in the battle of tanks and pushed the green tank off the cliff.

created by GERAND

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