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CampK12 TV Ep 1: 3D Game Development: Grade 6 Kid Coded a 3D project LIVE in just 30 mins

05 Apr 2021

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Watch our young coder Preyansh Yadav (Grade 6, 3D Game Developer) code a 3D Spaceship Launcher project.

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Camp K12's innovative LIVE Classroom ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl9V8YVV_54

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Visit HatchXR to create 3D projects ► http://bit.ly/hatchxr

Best video to learn FREE 3D Coding. In just 30 mins, Grade 6 kid was able to show you 'How to code a 3D Game project'

In this video, Preyansh is building a 3D spaceship launcher in HatchXR. He will show-case the following-
- Designing a 3D structure
- Setting up script to take off the 3D spaceship
- Adding animations in the project
- Publishing the project on HatchXR

Here is the published linked to the project. You can also scan the QR code from the video - https://play.hatchxr.com/@Prey....anshYadav/3d-space-s
Introduction - 0:01
Introduction to HatchXR - 4:40
Designing Environment - 5:50
Spacecraft designing - 12:20
Coding for Flying animation - 20:31
Adding fire thrust animation - 24:30
Compiling Fire thrust with Spacecraft - 26:00
Adding Astronaut annimation - 27:38
Coding for Astronaut walk annimation - 30:20
Project publishing & QR Code - 33:05

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