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Batman vs Kid Deadpool vs ?? Superheroes in Real Life Movie | SuperHero Kids

29 Jun 2021

Its Dead Pool vs Spiderman in this real life superhero battle. Who will win this epic versus love match between the marvel and dc comic book superheroes!
<br>What is happening to the SuperHeroKids? Thor, Captain America, Spiderman, and now Batman and Deadpool are all falling victim, but to what? Who is doing .
<br>Will Kid Deadpool the Explorer help Kylo ren and Stormtrooper find Darth Vader? Will kylo swipe the freaking awesome fanny pack? Watch the previous episode .
<br>Little Heroes Joker vs Kid Deadpool face off and battle it out in style! Watch the Superhero Kids Fun Fight in Real Life Comic Battle. If you missed the first four .

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