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Baby’s First Words – Useful Phrases | When will my toddler speak?

19 Mar 2021

This video promotes early speech development and vocabulary using a format recommended by speech and language professionals. Below are links to each section of the video:

00:05 Good Morning!
02:08 What do you want to drink?
08:44 Dance Party
12:15 Where is it?
20:42 Getting Ready for Bed

Your child watches and learns as fun characters present words for useful phrases, washing hands, brushing teeth, please, thank you, getting ready for bed, taking a bath, and more. Eventually, your child starts speaking along. The captivating mouth on screen is helpful for proper pronunciation. As young children become ready, they develop proper articulation skills through imitation, often for the first time.

Luci Christian, an award-winning voice actor appearing in dozens of films, uses her talents to get little learners tuned in and talking. Especially useful when you’re concerned your child may not be talking as much as peers. Help ease the frustration of not being able to communicate.

Busy parents appreciate this self-paced approach children can use with minimal assistance. It teaches critical phrases to communicate their needs. Includes more than 90 words and phrases.

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