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19 May 2021


This little song was written for the LeapFrog Toy Company.

It was created to teach children how to say "hello" in six different languages:

English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Swahili.

This educational tune was commissioned as an activity for a LeapPad talking book (which I also wrote) called "What Will You Be?". The book was the company's #1 top-selling title the year it was released. (The graphic is also from the book.)

As always with corporate work-for-hire gigs, I had no control over the final product. Rhythms were changed, hence the misplaced stresses of the words "ChiNA" and "RusSIA"! Also, the orchestration and singing was done in-house, not by me. :)

Contact me for your educational song needs.

Music & Lyrics by Ron Lytle

Let's say "Hello!" to our friends in the U.S.A.
"Bonjour!" to our friends in France
Let's say "Hola!" to our friends in Peru

Learn the words to say
And make a new friend everyday

Let's say "Ni Hao!" to our friends in China
"Priviet!" to our friends in Russia
Let's say "Jambo!" to our friends in Kenya

That was lots of fun
Now our song is done


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