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12 Fun Summer Activity Ideas for Kids

02 Apr 2021

Summer is known to be the hottest season of the year, which brings with it humidity and uneasiness. In warmer regions, it becomes difficult to come out in the sun in the daytime, especially for the kids. It's in situations like these that summer activities for kids come in extremely handy. This video has listed some fun and easy summer indoor activities for kids that will be perfect for your child.

Kids are always in a hurry; as we all know, they hate resting. The fun summer activities for children shown in this video will help keep your kid stay busy and help her in learning a great deal about herself and her environment. These activities will also ensure that your kid stays fit and cheerful and also loves her summer holidays.

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0:00 Introduction
0:23 List of Best Summer Activities for Kids
0:33 Make Salads
0:51 Origami
1:07 Making Ice-creams
1:22 Painting
1:37 Skating
1:47 Word Forming Game
1:59 Washing Bicycle or Car
2:13 Play Dress-up Game
2:28 Encourage Book Reading
2:41 Tent Setup
2:51 Play Dumb Charades
3:05 Take Your Kid For a Walk
3:17 Takeaway

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