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1 Hour of Kids Music - Educational Videos for Children - Learning Songs for Preschoolers

05 Apr 2021

Let's have fun learning with our 1 hour of kids music. In these fun educational videos for children we include many of our fun animated learning songs for preschool, Kindergarten, babies, and toddlers to learn! It's so much fun!

With one hour of kids educational songs your children will learn counting, the ABC's, phonics, animal sounds, days of the week, left and right, shapes, colors as well as classic nursery rhymes! We've packed all of the fun, educational songs that we could into this 1 hour of children's music.

So sit back and enjoy these family friendly, super simple kids learning songs in fun animated format!


0:00 - Left and Right Song
3:00 - Let's Sing Animal Sounds
4:44 - 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
7:26 - Phonics Song
10:03 - Bingo the Dog
12:30 - Counting to 10 Forwards and Backwards
15:17 - Triangle Song
18:04 - Phonics Song with Blocks
21:04 - Learn the 7 Days of the Week
24:20 - Counting to 10 in the Jungle
28:08 - ABC Rap
31:49 - Humpty Dumpty
34:31 - ABC and Phonics Song
37:57 - Color Green
40:33 - ABC Animals
45:06 - Square
48:31 - Counting to 20 with Blocks
51:31 - Wheels on the Bus
54:11 - ABC Song
56:59 - Happy and You Know It
59:40 - ABC Foods


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