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സ്നേഹം ★ Love ★ Kathu Malayalam animation story for children

05 Apr 2021

Love (സ്നേഹം) ★ Malayalam kid's cartoon story from Kathu volume 1♥ We need your support to create more videos like this so Please SUBSCRIBE US : https://bit.ly/358qu8w

One day Kathu's mom and dad went out for a marriage. They said Kathu to look after kittu. But when Appu came Kathu think just go out and play a little and came back. BUt the play wemt on and when Kathu came back Kittu was not there! What happened next? Watch the story.

Kathu is a cute kitten living with her dad, mom and younger brother Kittu. Appu the squirrel and three grasshoppers are her best friends. The kingfishers, oriole, uncle crane, the thievs chindan and chundan, and the villain Kandan are the characters. Their pranks and plays make the stories and songs of this animation movie. The theme of this animation movie is the core life values like courage, love, obedience and empathy. This story is about love.

Kathu became a superhit within a short span of time. Three volumes of Kathu has been released so far and each one is unique in nature. This story is from the first volume of Kathu.

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